Common Suspension Problems

The car’s suspension system is designed to maximize friction between the road surface and the vehicle’s tires, increase passenger comfort, and provide steering stability. Car suspension has evolved significantly over the years and modern vehicles have an unprecedented, sophisticated suspension system. Despite all the improvements to the suspension system, problems still occur from time to time.

Suspension components like springs, shock absorbers (or struts in some vehicles), anti-roll bars, control arms, and other parts are like top-of-the-line combat units, Snow, road dents, gravel, dirt and grime of all kinds, and metal debris and other debris that driver’s see too late to avoid.

In such situations, almost any part of the suspension system can be damaged or worn out by years of abuse. How can I determine if there is a problem affecting the suspension of the car? There are many symptoms and noises that should be a wake-up call to see an auto doctor. The following are common problems that can occur when suspensions need to be repaired.

Wheel Misalignment:

You should think about your wheels when there are suspension issues. The wheels are (literally) pointing in the right direction and need to be adjusted for toe, camber, and wheels. Otherwise, the steering will not be centered when going straight and tire wear will increase. The wheels are misaligned by dents and curbs, but aligning the wheels does not repair damaged springs, control arms, or other parts that affect alignment. When buying a new tire, it is a good idea to check the alignment so that suspension problems do not shorten the life of the tread.

Shock Absorber:

It should be called “shock absorber”. When worn, you will not be able to leave your tires planted on the pavement and you will notice bouncing after a collision and violent rocking on rough roads. The shock contains a fluid that suppresses bounce and suspension performance deteriorates when a leak begins.


If your vehicle’s suspension has struts instead of shock absorbers, hitting the bumps is a common sign of a problem. Strut assemblies are an important element of suspension systems for many cars, trucks, and SUVs, so if you suspect a problem, see your mechanic immediately. If this important part of the suspension fails, you may not be able to drive your car safely.

Spring: Spring is an important part of car suspension. They support the weight of the car and can sag or break when in use. If the car is on flat ground, but one corner is lower than the other, it indicates that the spring is damaged. You can measure the height of the corners to see visual cues. You may also hear a rattle on the bumps. Also, damaged springs cannot control the weight they support, which can make the car less confident when cornering.

Ball Joint:

A pivot point that attaches the suspension to the wheel, absorbs the shock of vertical movement, and rotates in response to changes in steering angle. If you hear a squeak or squeak, especially when turning, you know you need to replace it. If the ball joint is broken and the suspension parts are dragging the pavement, you know that the wait time is too long. The mechanic can determine if a replacement is necessary based on the amount of wheel movement that can be forced by hand or, in some cases, the ball joint wear indicator.

Control Arms:

These are hinges that hold the steering wheel to the frame and connect the steering to the steering wheel, so turning one will respond to the other. The lower control arm bushing is an important component of the suspension, and front-wheel drive vehicles are more prone to wear than rear-wheel drive vehicles. Bushings are pieces of rubber or metal that help absorb shock and, when worn, can cause handling and ride quality problems and accelerate tire wear. You can also bend the control arm. Signs of wear include rattling and rattling when the wheels roll back and forth during acceleration and braking, as well as loose and imprecise steering.

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