How to restore your headlights shine?

Headlights of a car are an essential part of car body in many perspectives. It is very important for car’s look as well as for driving at night. If your car’s headlights look dusty and yellowish in color, there is no need to replace them with new one immediately. The clean headlights not only make the vehicle look like new, but also clearly illuminate the road, allowing for safe and unobstructed driving. Haze, fog, stain, whatever you want to call it, there is an easy way to get rid of the rust on that plastic that will cloud your car’s headlights after years and miles of driving.
There are many headlight repairs kits for sale at auto parts and home improvement stores. In this story, we tested two different kits. Maquila’s $ 25 kit and $ 10 Turtle Wax kit ( purchased both sets of headlights separately and did not contact representatives of either company.) Both sets include clarifying cleaning compounds, wet sanding pads, and protective sealant solutions. What can I get for $ 15 or more? The more advanced Maguire kit includes a clean microfiber detailing cloth, an ergonomic grip for wet sanding pads, and a buffing ball to attach to the drill. The most affordable Turtle Wax kit comes with two solutions and a set of numbered sanding pads.
In this article you know basic way to restore polish of your headlight in two ways.

Idea 1:

Detach headlights from your car body and wash them with the help of water and washing powder. Then place them in sunlight to dry for some time. After headlights got dry you have to take a number 0 emery paper. Note (Please confirm it that it is a 0 number emery paper used for polishing cars paints.) Dip it in water and wait for 30 minutes after this take a dry cloth (Good if it is of a toweling material) and rub it on the headlight after this take emery paper and start rubbing headlight gently with emery paper. Keep emery paper dipping in water frequently.
You clearly see that yellowish color water is visible after completing rubbing dry the headlight and with polishing machine polish it. After polishing take a dry cloth and rub it on headlight here your headlight shine come back.

Idea 2:

Step 1. Clean the headlight area with soap and water to remove dirt and debris from the surface level. Household glass cleaners or Windex can do that trick too. Make sure the headlights are completely dry before proceeding to step 2.
Step 2. When dry, glue around the area near the headlights (the painted panel on the car body that touches the headlights). This is an important precaution to avoid sanding damage to the car paint during the repair process.
Some headlight repair kits, like the turtle wax we use, require a coat of clear compound to be applied to the headlight assembly before wet sanding.
Other headlight repair kits may instruct you to skip the required sanding in steps 3-5 and start polishing.
Step 3. Both headlight repair kits provided different types of grit or strength sandpaper. Use a spray bottle filled with water or the supplied lubricating fluid to illuminate the headlights and wet the minimum amount of sandpaper.
Step 4. Apply pressure to rub a minimum amount (1,000 or 1) of sandpaper over the entire surface of the headlights, moving left and right, being careful not to touch other parts of the bodywork. You should create a complete “glass” appearance that covers the entire headlight assembly. Always keep the piece of sandpaper and the headlight assembly wet.
Step 5. Go to the next highest grit number (2000 or 2) after the sandpaper and rub the headlights in the opposite up and down motion. Keep the sandpaper and headlamp assembly damp unless instructed otherwise.
The Turtle Wax Kit (shown above) comes with 2 additional levels of sandpaper with a finer grit for more sanding. These little pads took more effort to use, but they were able to tackle the curved areas of the headlights better than the Maguire kit (shown below).

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Steps 3-5 will take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how cloudy the headlights are. Be patient and be careful not to accidentally touch the applicator with other parts of the car. Scratches and paint damage can occur.
Step 6. Dry the headlight with a detailing cloth or paper towel.
Step 7. Lightly tap the included polishing solution or stick it onto an applicator pad or polishing ball (like the one included in the Maguire kit above). Use an applicator pad or buffing ball to continuously flick back and forth on the headlights to remove polish from wet sand. You should be able to see the difference in the transparency of the vehicle’s headlights almost immediately. Once again, the buffing ball did not touch the curved surface of the headlights or the turtle wax kit.
Step 8. Dry the headlight again with a detailing cloth or paper towel.
Step 9. When you are satisfied with the improved appearance of the headlights, pour a small amount of sealer protector onto another applicator pad or towel, or in the case of a turtle wax kit (pictured above), a small amount pre-applied protective agent Towel – and rub it on the headlights.
Step 10. Peel off the tape around the headlights and you are done. If possible, let the sealant dry for a few hours and seal everything to ensure a new protective covering.

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