Maintenance and Repair Comparison Between Manual and Auto Transmission

Manual transmissions are generally cheaper to maintain and repair than automatic transmissions. Automatics are much more complex and have many parts and features that can fail but can vary depending on your driving style.
Automatics have hundreds of mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic assistants that need to work in harmony to change gears smoothly. In contrast, manual transmissions are primarily mechanical gears, depending on the driver to engage the clutch and shift as needed.
The cost of replacing an automatic transmission fluid varies depending on the person doing the vehicle and transmission repair, but generally ranges from $ 100 to $ 200. Manual transmissions also require regular fluid changes, but the cost tends to be roughly half.
Transmission repair costs vary greatly depending on the vehicle and what you need. Repairing a leak can cost hundreds of dollars or less but disassembling the transmission to find the cause of the problem can be much more expensive. As a result, many repair shops recommend replacing the car’s transmission rather than fixing the internal problem with a rebuild. This is especially true for newer continuously variable transmissions and dual-clutch automatics, as parts are difficult to obtain and there is little knowledge about repairs.
Transmission replacement costs vary widely, but manual transmissions are typically inexpensive, ranging from about $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 for non-luxury cars. Automatics are more expensive, ranging from about $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 for remanufactured transmissions for most major brand vehicles. CVT leans toward the higher side of the estimate: An auto shop said it would cost $ 4,000 to install a replacement CVT in the Nissan Sentra, compared to $ 2,500 to replace a Chevrolet Cruze 6-speed automatic transmission. For luxury cars, the price of a new transmission can be close to $ 10,000.
There are other things to consider about costs. Some automatic and manual transmission components are covered by the manufacturer’s powertrain warranty. This warranty lasts for 60,000 miles for many vehicles and 100,000 miles for some.
However, manual transmission clutches are considered “wear” items and generally cover only 12,000 miles. The clutch and related parts are also typically excluded from the additional cost service contract (or extended warranty).
If the clutch disengages quickly due to driving style, repairing a manual transmission can cost more than an automatic transmission. Likewise, if your feet and hands do not work together, you will often use a manual transmission to sharpen your gear or sharpen your gear teeth, but you will be charged over time.
Automatic transmissions can also be damaged by abuse, but they are less susceptible to wear and tear caused by individual driving styles than manual ones. Most people just start and drive them, and they rarely even think about engines and transmissions. Thanks to computer control and other advancements, modern automatics are more durable than ever, even when driven with enthusiasm.
Both auto and manual are good in either ways. Auto provide us more comfortable and restful drive whereas manual is cheaper in cost and cheap to maintain. Beside of these reasons some people prefer manual transmission and some prefers Auto Transmission. Every person has its own choice.

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