Mechanical Benefits and Tips of Cleaning your Engine

The clean engine compartment makes used cars look newer and better maintained. Some stores that offer engine cleaning services claim that a clean engine will run at a slightly cooler temperature, as removing the ganks of dirt, oil, and grease will make the engine run cooler.
Appearance aside, is a clean car engine that sparkles like new better than one that gets dirty with normal use? Do I need to get rid of the debris or use a degreasing agent for the car to work properly? Probably not.
It is true that the oily and greasy dirt that builds up on the engine can trap heat, but it is doubtful that it is enough to overheat or warm the engine above normal. If your car’s engine overheats, the cause is likely the cooling system. Or it could be because the car is being towed, is too heavy, or due to other issues not related to cleanliness of the engine compartment. There is no evidence to suggest that a cleaner engine performs better than a dirty engine. Simple things like a small reducer or cleaning spray are unlikely to improve vehicle performance.

The Cleaner Engine has Several Advantages:

However, there are certain benefits to cleaning a car engine. By doing this you can first identify where the oil or grease is coming from (such as a valve cover gasket leak), so that you can isolate and fix small problems, such as small oil leaks, and then turn them into large one’s problems. that. Additionally, oils and greases can accelerate the wear and tear of rubber hoses and plastic parts, so cleaning dirt with a degreasing agent can save you some repair work. Plus, for those who like to do a little maintenance, like checking oil levels and accessory belts, a clean engine will reduce the chance of getting your hands and clothing dirty.
Many mechanics and detail shops recommend using tools like degreasers, vacuums with small nozzles, compressed air, and toothbrushes to be out of reach. They are better than blowing up the engine with a high-pressure hose or cleaning the engine with steam, as water and moisture can damage electrical connections and components. Even a small amount of water sprayed in the wrong place can cause serious problems. Engine details require precision and a smooth touch. Trying to tackle this project with water from a car wash or a garden hose can cause disaster.
The aesthetic appeal of a clean engine is probably the biggest payoff. Most used cars, including those sold by private owners, are thoroughly detailed before going on sale, so buyers are expected to see a clean engine when they shop. If the engine of a used car is dirty, the sidewalk will be less attractive.

Tips to Clean Car Engine:

Spray the engine with a degreasing agent. Cold and hot engines are recommended. Excessively hot engines are not recommended as engine cleaner dries too quickly.
Have a chamois or microfiber handy to wipe excess spray from the car paint. Alternatively, apply a coat of automotive wax to the painted area around the engine compartment before spraying the engine cleaner on the engine.
Manually stir dirty car engine parts and engine compartment area with brush to create clean car engine.
Rinse with water at normal household water pressure from a garden hose, electric pressure washer, gas pressure washer, or self-service car wash area with access to the pressure washer. (Adjust pressure simply by moving the tip of the dipstick away from motor parts. Use common sense here when dealing with sensitive parts).
Do not oversaturate the car engine with water pressure. Wear enough to get the job done and pay attention to the protected area such as the fuse box.
The first person is nervous. But if you are still worried, take it easy and work through the process little by little. Again, I have run hundreds of engines this way and it is still fine. We also consulted with multiple mechanics to confirm the process.
Use a leaf blower or compressed air to blow excess water out of the engine compartment.
Start the engine, raise the engine to normal operating temperature, and allow all engine components to dry completely and completely. Also, turn on the air conditioner so that the compressor runs and runs while the engine is running. The operating time is approximately 5 minutes.
If you want a shiny look after the engine has cooled down, apply the spray engine dressing shown below. This is what makes your clean car engine really blow up!

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