Importance of Water Drain Holes in Doors

Why do I need to check my car door drain? When it rains or you wash your car, the water can pass through the seals on the windows and interior doors, and the water is supposed to come out of the drain holes at the bottom. However, the holes in the bottom of the door can become clogged with dirt, gravel, and road debris. If this happens, water will collect inside the door and rust will form. The signs can be seen on cars with rust on the bottom of the door and on rusty trails through the rocker panels (body panels under the door).
Most vehicles also have drain holes in the rocker panel and rear quarter panels (the section of body behind the doors of cars and trucks), as well as other places that can clog, trap water, and cause corrosion. Ironically, one of the risks of aftermarket rust prevention (like the kind where the dealer charges an additional fee) is that improper application can clog the drain holes. (Factory rust protection is generally all your car needs.)
A high-pressure car wash (or a carefully pointed hose in a driveway) can clean debris from some drain holes, but a car that rarely sees the inside of the car wash or spends most of its life in a dirty environment. The drain holes tend to be clogged and moisture accumulated.
Also, some vehicles rust because they have too few drain holes or are prone to clogging and must be drained frequently with water or other cleaners.
Checking these drains is generally not included in professional hand washing or car detailing, but you can ask the owner to check.
One solution is to lower yourself to the ground on your hands and knees and take the time to make sure there is no material that may have accumulated in each drain. You can use a coat rack or screwdriver to drill the hole and remove dirt and debris but be careful not to damage the paint around the drain to protect the metal parts from rust. You may not have to work every time you wash, but you will not have to work every time you wax. We recommend that you do it quarterly.
If that is not possible, choose a time suitable for your climate and use at least once a year. For example, after leaves and needles fall on a car in the fall or rainy season, water flows into the car’s invisible drainage channel, causing dirt and debris.
These things seem to be very non important and have great impact on our car body. To keep our car rust free, we should frequently maintain drainage system of our car and keep the drains clean. Mostly people do not bother about it and do not focus on it. It results in the form of rust on our car. I advise every driver and car owner to keep checking the drainage system of your car not only doors all the drains should be maintained.

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